Monday, June 19, 2006

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die. "
Author: Clyde Campbell

With a sigh of sadness I tell you of a friend who recently passed away...
After over two years of building an on-line friendship I was notified that my friend and incredibly supportive sponsor passed away.
Evan first e-mailed me after stumbling apon my site looking for fitness information more than 2 years ago.
Over the course of the past 2 and a half years we were in contact several times a week exchanging good news, bad news, our athletic progress and funny jokes...he truely became a friend and I will miss our on -line friendship a lot!
Over the past 2 years;
He was there to help with sponsorship when I took on a night job at Outback Steakhouse last winter when my husband was layed off from work, he sent cd's with inspirational music, a subscription to O magazine since I think the world of Oprah, many sponsorship checks to help with my contest prep., poems on Gallery Day, amazing photography work that he took on his bike rides through New England, my digital camera that I use every day...was bought by him, and encouraging words of support as I prepped last year and this year for competition.
His enthusiasm for life and fun attitude about so many things was not only inspiring and uplifting but gave me the pick- me- up I needed some days to get through some pretty rough things...
I will miss my friend ...but know that as I complete my "Journey to Pro Quality" this year that I am stronger and even more driven having Evan up above cheering me on each step of the way...
In memory of Evan-