Friday, November 10, 2006

Just a little over 12 hours until my Team of 5 will be taking the stage in Belvedere, IL!!!
Don't forget this is Nationals I am wishing the BEST to all those competing at Nationals as well;) I can't wait to see the turn out this year!! My client Michelle is there having a BLAST and taking a tun of pictures so I have a gallery from Nationals for all my members to see!
Now...back to my TEAM!!!
They are all doing great and my phone has been going all day! Kelly is staying here tonight so I can help her with her last minute prep. and I took a few pictures of her for my members journal..she is in the best condition of her life! I am so proud of her and she is feeling on top of the excited for tomorrow!
The rest of the team...George, Kim, Maleah and Silvana are also doing very well.
Silvana had a bit of stress as her suit came TODAY the day before the show...
we were both very upset by this!
But now things are moving along beautifully and both Maleah and Silvana should be stunning tomorrow!
George has been out of town all week so his "Hell Week" has been a challenge to say the least, but he sounded great when I talked to him and it sounds like he has a great support system at home!
Kim...I haven't talked to tonight:( I tried to call her and didn't get through.
She is in Belvedere already so she can have the evening away from her "mom" responsibilities to focus on everything she needed to do. She is the energizer bunny of the group and I am certain she will be so tomorrow as well..Can't wait to see her in the morning!
Well that's it for now,
Coach Jen;)