Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas Time Has Arrived...
Time To Make My Big Announcement...


My due date is July 3rd...yes I am almost 10 weeks along..I always show very quickly! I am now past feeling yucky and the rest of this amazing process should be smooth sailing just like the last 2. Obviously my contest plans have been post-poned and you can read all about my future plans for 2009 in my members journal, after the baby comes and I nurse for a year. My members will be watching my belly grow and then re-gain a 6-pack once again:)

As Chritmas time as arrived and the house is shinning brightly with lights we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. Our little blessing within brings an extra special magic this season:)

Other exciting things in the works;

The kids and I will be featured in "Muscle & Body" magazine in Janurary! This is the free Vitamin Shoppe magazine and you can pick one up at any Vitamin Shoppe store come Janurary! The article titled "Muscle Mom" should be a fantastic addition to the magazine!!

Next, my entire website will be receiving a re-vamp very, very soon! My wonderful web girl from is working very hard with me to bring a wonderful new look to things, and finally bring some recent photos to the free area of my site!

Next on the exciting list... my dvd/ documentary will be available for pre-order this month! The final product will be shipped out in Janurary! Special thank you to George Pradel of for taking on this incredible project this year with me...what an experience it has been! The title of the documentary is, "Journey To The Stage"! There will be a short "trailer clip" for you all to get a glimps of what the full feature film will contain. Unique, there is no doubt..I have never watched a documentary about a natural female bodybuilder who is also a mother and business owner...originality was my goal;)

May the magic of Chrstmas be with all of you and your families!!!