Monday, January 29, 2007

A Journal Entry from 2005...10 days before I competed...
I came across this journal entry while putting all my thank you's together for my documentary...I felt compelled to share it once again to remind those of you who are struggling that you can get through and even in the most challenging curcumstances...if there is a will and faith..there is a way!

Holding The Household Together While 10 Days Out From Compeition.....
I awoke this morning at 3:45 and finally rose from bed at 4...I chose to give up an early morning cardio session to meet with one of my in-home's that won't be able to meet with me this evening. The past 9 days I haven't missed an early morning cardio:) So as I walked in the house after her training session I knew the day was going to be, "one of those days" ..I could smell the odor of 'stomach flu' from the baby I gathered, walking in the front door;(Yep, I was right..the bed sheets and he were covered from head to toe in a diaper disaster! So it was in the bath, bleach the bed ext. ...Wondering why my husband wasn't awake yet for work I soon heard the reason details needed! He was sick too! Then to find out the sheets and blankets I had put down the laundry shoot to be cleaned asap..the dog had eaten through..dirty and all!!Sooo then the baby made another diaper disaster while I was getting Alyssa ready for school...and it was back to the tub...Alyssa managed to make the bus and leave with a smile.I on the otherhand was trying to figure out how I was going to make my eggs and clean up the dishes while Wade clung to my leg screaming and my husband was sick on the couch.This is one of those moments every mother has..when you just want to lay on the floor and cry yourself....but we can't, and we somehow pull it together and pick up the baby in one hand, make eggs in the other and then 'switch' to do the dishes all while the baby wines for everything in sight that resembles a "ball";)Needless to say, I have had to re-arrange my client appointments today from 2 apt's to 1 so that I am only gone while the baby sleeps.Then I am hoping since he's not feeling good I can get him to nap again later, so I can go to the gym...if not I wil be putting myself behind and I will be doing kickboxing and posing at home when he goes to sleep. My hubby has fire dept. responsibilites tonight..if that is, he can get well over the course of the day.I'm thankful that it's a carb day for me!! A little blessing after 5 low days! Thank you.. to the man upstairs for waiting until a carb day to test my will!!!!:)So it's the final 10 days and it's time to use my creative gifts to find a way to get my training done and stay crystal clean with my contest diet all while taking care of my sick family..the last 2 weeks are critical!Time to go get pedialite and Gatorade for the two sick one's and then time for the baby to nap so I can go meet with "Janelle" of " Team Abrams"!Bob, ( one of my long-term clients:)...thank you for being so understanding when my life gets crazy!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Coal City Gymnastics Meet!!
13 Teams competed!
Alyssa had a blast today! She placed 5th all-around in her level 4 Jr. B age group, out of 13 girls! She placed 5th on bars and beam, 6th on vault and 7th on floor. Her floor routine this time was just outstanding! She had a point deduction for messing with her leo:0 but she laughed about it and knew how much she had improved..she was very proud, as of course, I was:)))
What fun it was for her to be called up on stage 5 times for awards..she was beaming:))
Her first two meets she didn't score high enough to place...even though she scored higher on every single event her second meet than her first:) but I guess the third time's a charm;)
She had a personal best score for bars and beam today as well!!
I also realized today that if she scores as well on her last meet in Feb. as she did the past two she will be qualified for state...pretty fun for her first year competing.

And one picture of cute Mr. Wade and the huge iscle from our house!

**Progress pictures for the clients I have competing this spring in my members journal today. Currently Laura, Kim and John are preparing and there may be 2 figure competitors to hop on board as well.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Adorable Niece...Annabelle!

Friday, January 26, 2007

A New Gallery...

This week's gallery update was a shoot I did with Women's Physique World. There are many more galleries from this shoot to come!
The final two contest galleries have also been posted for my clients' Maleah and Kim .H.
Next week my new spring contest prep. clients will be posted with their progress over the past month and more from my shoot with WPW.
Have a great weekend!
Alyssa will be competing again on Sunday..I will update you all on how she does!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Way To Go Sabrina!!
What a night!!! My niece and her pom squad took 1st place in their competition ...Way to go girls!
Sabrina you look beautiful:) I can't wait to see the dvd!


What an incredible game...if they play like that in 2 weeks I know they will not only finish the season as NFC Champions but Super Bowl Champs as well:)))

Happy Birthday DAD!!!

It's snowing outside and the game is here in Chicago at Soldiers Field...even though they are the underdogs according to all the "Stats" we are hoping they pull off the win and make it to the Super Bowl!! GO BEARS!!!
Hillary Clinton has announced she will run in the presidential election!
I think it's fantastic ...the first woman to run for the presidency:))
It's a new day and a new world.
I had a client that I worked with for about 3 years who knew her personally. They worked on various professional projects and it was fascinating to hear the stories of some of their encounters. My client always told me she was someone you could talk to for hours...she said Hillary was the most fascinating women she had ever known.
Considering the political work my client was involved in and how greatly I respected her on many levels...I found that statement to be quite extraordinary. She shared with me over a year ago that Hillary was planning to run for the presidency.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Home From Our Weekend In Peoria!
Way To Go Alyssa!!
Fantastic job girls were great!!

We are home from our weekend stay in Peoria where Alyssa and her team competed in the St.Jude's benefit meet. The level 4 girls did a fantastic job placing 3rd overall in the meet. Alyssa scored higher than last week on every single event and was so happy with how she did. The night before the meet we took Alyssa and Wade to the fun night a few blocks from our hotel, where they played games and Alyssa was able to rock climb..which she loves.

It is really fun to watch our child enjoy some of the things we do :))
A special "thank you" to my wonderful dad for getting us a room at the Marriott. We had a great time and a breakfast buffet in the morning free of charge before Alyssa's meet. Thank you so much dad!
Saturday morning just before we left I met with Team Abrams for this spring's contest season. I will be posting their pictures this week in my members area.
also, be sure to check back this week my entire site will look new and different with a lot of new pictures, information and publicity. Here are some pics from Peoria...

Many more pictures in my members journal...

A Huge congrat to my husband's cousin Jennifer and her husband Jason...on the birth of their son

Dillan Jason 8 lbs. 3 oz...welcome to the world little one!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Alyssa's 1st Gymnastics Meet..cute picture!
We are off to Peoria this weekend for her second meet, and thanks to my wonderful father we have a hotel daddy is always looking out for his kids:)
I love you Dad!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Quote For Today...
Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude."

-- Denis Waitley

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Alyssa's 1st Gymnastics Meet!
Her team placed 2nd overall for the meet! Way to go U.S.G.T.C.
Alyssa we are so proud of you and so glad you had so much fun today!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Stretch To Increase Strength...
I have always been a huge advocate of stretching between every set when training. Not only for full range use of the muscles and increased flexability and strength at the weakest point..but also to aid in decreased muscle soreness. This article gives another suggestion to between set stretching that will really make those with "old school" thoughts re-think a bit...

"There is evidence to suggest that stretching can increase strength,
if you add weight to it.
Follow this advice from Joel Marion, C.P.T., a trainer in Burlington, N.J.,
and you'll increase your pullup power.
After your first set of pullups, rest, and then grab onto the bar again as if you were going to begin another set. Just hang there for 15 seconds, concentrating on the stretch in your lats. Now let go of the bar and rest 30 seconds. Afterward, begin your next set of pullups-we bet you'll be able to get a few more reps, or, if you're doing weighted pullups, you'll be able to add a little more weight. Stretching a muscle with resistance (in this case, your body weight in a dead hang) creates elastic energy in the muscles and tendons that's stored until your next set. When you begin your next pullup, the energy will be released and propel you upward. "

Article by: Sean Hyson of Men's Fitness
Pregnancy Update...
I am 14 weeks today...Jan. 2nd. 2007!
Funny to be updating you all on my abdominal growth ha..LOL!
A few fun facts to report as well...the baby is now 3.5 inches, weighs about 1 ounce and is about the size of an apple!
One other fun fact...during pregnancy a woman's uterus expands to 1,000 times it's original size..amazing isn't it!!
Our bodies are such a gift!!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007...Happy New Year!!!