Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Birthday DAD!!!

It's snowing outside and the game is here in Chicago at Soldiers Field...even though they are the underdogs according to all the "Stats" we are hoping they pull off the win and make it to the Super Bowl!! GO BEARS!!!
Hillary Clinton has announced she will run in the presidential election!
I think it's fantastic ...the first woman to run for the presidency:))
It's a new day and a new world.
I had a client that I worked with for about 3 years who knew her personally. They worked on various professional projects and it was fascinating to hear the stories of some of their encounters. My client always told me she was someone you could talk to for hours...she said Hillary was the most fascinating women she had ever known.
Considering the political work my client was involved in and how greatly I respected her on many levels...I found that statement to be quite extraordinary. She shared with me over a year ago that Hillary was planning to run for the presidency.