Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Home From Our Weekend In Peoria!
Way To Go Alyssa!!
Fantastic job U.S.G.T.C..you girls were great!!

We are home from our weekend stay in Peoria where Alyssa and her team competed in the St.Jude's benefit meet. The level 4 girls did a fantastic job placing 3rd overall in the meet. Alyssa scored higher than last week on every single event and was so happy with how she did. The night before the meet we took Alyssa and Wade to the fun night a few blocks from our hotel, where they played games and Alyssa was able to rock climb..which she loves.

It is really fun to watch our child enjoy some of the things we do :))
A special "thank you" to my wonderful dad for getting us a room at the Marriott. We had a great time and a breakfast buffet in the morning free of charge before Alyssa's meet. Thank you so much dad!
Saturday morning just before we left I met with Team Abrams for this spring's contest season. I will be posting their pictures this week in my members area.
also, be sure to check back this week my entire site will look new and different with a lot of new pictures, information and publicity. Here are some pics from Peoria...

Many more pictures in my members journal...

A Huge congrat to my husband's cousin Jennifer and her husband Jason...on the birth of their son

Dillan Jason 8 lbs. 3 oz...welcome to the world little one!!