Monday, April 02, 2007

Mid-Illinois Championships 2007
Saturday's show was sold out with standing tickets sold for every row! Ottawa was packed with bodybuilders and see friends and family compete and to watch the one and only Jay Cutler- Mr. Olympia guest perform!
My client John competed and showed the improvements that he has made over the last year. Way to Go John!! A very fun day/ night and quite a long day for me;)
I took well over 100 photos at the event and 10 minutes of video footage of Jay guest posing!
It will all be in my members area this week!
Here are a few previews...
Next stop is May 12 in Belvedere, IL where I will have 5 clients competing!
Go Team Abrams!

George Pradel wanting to rub the belly, like everyone else..LOL!

John- pictured in the center -
hitting a double bi:)

Your Coach is so proud of you!

Mr. Olympia- JAY CUTLER!
He was awesome!