Sunday, April 15, 2007

Quotes For Today...

" A fruit never tasted so sweet
than as the one you walked furthest to pick."

Author Unknown ---
Submitted by Shane Marett --- Texas

" Somewhere, someone is practicing.
And when you meet him on the field, face to face, one on one,
he'll beat you unless that someone who's practicing is you.
So work the left, run the stairs, crank the corners.
Give it everything you've got, every day.
And when you get tired and feel like quitting,
ask yourself, is the other guy tired?
Is he quitting?"

Author Unknown ---
Submitted by Eric H. --- Colorado

" Learn the art of converting failure into success
and challenge into opportunity.
There is no failure for the person who has mastered this art."

Author Unknown ---
Submitted by Narendra Kumar --- India