Monday, October 08, 2007

Logan's Baptism...God Bless Logan Gary!

Such a cutie-pie!

Alyssa, Wade and Logan- I love this picture:)

Our beautiful family of 5!

Alyssa and Wade
with their special friend,

A blessing for our little boy!

Logan's Godmother- Dana
Logan's Godfather- Tom

My mom and dad:)

Logan's Godmother, Dana, and her husband Joe.

Logan's Godfather, Tom, and his wife Kim.

My sister, her husband Lucas
and their daughter,
(my Goddaughter) Annabelle.

My brother Jack and his girlfriend Amanda.

Michael's sister Pauline- I love this picture of her:)

My grandparents, the kids' great-grandparents!

My husband's brother Gary and his wife Michelle

Logan decided it would be fun
to put his foot in the side of the cake:)