Sunday, April 06, 2008

TEAM ABRAMS starts 2008 off with a BANG!
Karen Hansen wins the women's heavy weight class and the women's overall at the Mid-Illinois Classic in Ottawa, IL.
She sure did!!!
I was even able to present her with her 1st place trophy on stage as Logan was being held by Ann Johnson..thanks Ann! He was entertaining the audience up there!

achievement she has worked towards for 8 years! she is still letting it sink in;) All the pictures from the show will be updated to my
"Steps to Success"
section this week.

What a proud mome
nt her win also was for "Coach Jen". Helping others find their inner strength, courage and bravery to accomplish their dreams. I am so very proud of you Karen... you started the 2008 season with a bang for the rest of
Team Abrams.

Now we're both in the M.I.C Hall of Fame!