Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The kids having fun in the yard ( what a COOL swing and rope set-up daddy made- they have been playing in the tree for hours and hours every day!)

Baby Logan falls asleep in his lunch after playing at the pool:)

He is turning 1 on Thursday...I just can't believe it..it seems like Wade just turned a year old!! I promise to give you some updates on me soon...I know a lot of you have asked for new pictures and progress...I am happily busier this summer than usual with my in-home clients and very busy of course with the kids (especially the baby)...I will get some info. and pics to my members journal soon...I promise!! My training is going well...sore daily as usual from lifting heavy, as always, and kickboxing has returned to my training, as I begin leaning down very, very slowly for 2009.

Also...a HUGE thank you to John Reddington for sponsoring my suppliments for me over the past two months!! Sounds like he plans to continue doing this for me as I prep. for 2009!!! Thank you 1000x over John!! My contest plans were posted to my members journal last month.