Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Small Piece From My Members Journal Today...

"When I talk about goals...
short and long term these are the things I think we all need to remind ourselves of..none of what I listed above happened GOD just the process of each pregnancy and road back each time...if you watched just one of them you would realize the commitment to the "BIG" picture has to be there!! Keeping your sites set on the short term but always always have the VISION to see through the window out to where those long term goals are also! Always taking a moment to reflect from time to time to see if what you are doing now- today- is bringing you closer or further away from what you want...REALLY WANT in your life!!!
Time waits for no one so make each day a step in the direction you want to live your life...enjoy the process and the magic and challenges along the way...for sometimes your path may have to shift and your goals may have to converge a bit...there may be something that stops you dead in your tracks... that is soo so much more important.
If so then gently tuck that dream - that goal up and don't forget about it...when the time comes - and it will- carefully unfold that which was so important to it still important, does it still make your heart race thinking about it??
If so then come back to it and begin is never too late, there is always a way...
that is if there is YOUR WILL!!!!

Great things do not happen to us...great things are within us!!!
Jennifer Abrams:)"

36 weeks pregnant with Logan (our 3rd child)

38 weeks pregnant

A few weeks ago:)