Friday, February 27, 2009

Wonderful Birthday!! Thank You!!
I had a wonderful birthday yesterday!
Thank you so much for all the phone calls, cards, e-mails and text messages!!
ll the way from Germany too..thanks Gerhard!
My best friend sent me a beautiful bouquet of roses...I love you Dana!!
My mom took me out on Monday for steak and to buy me a present to give me on Saturday for my parents dinner party for me. I love you was so awesome to have time alone without chasing Logan around!
On my birthday before the weather got bad I took a walk to the park with the boys..such a great morning for it! Then my hubby took me for breakfast and I went for my birthday massage!!
To top the night off we all went to our son's Kung-fu class and then to dinner for steak again.
My birthday cake was wonderful...a special treat for sure during my prep.!
LOVE, LOVE and more love to all of my family and friends for making this week so wonderful!!!
Here are some pics from my day and a few posing shots to show you where am at with my prep.
Coach Jen;)