Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank You to John Hansen For The Kind Words About Me on His Website...www.naturalolympia.com !!

"In the overall Women’s Open, Jennifer Abrams easily took the title with her well-developed musculature and winning smile. Jennifer has to be one of the most impressive female natural bodybuilders competing today."

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Guest Posing Performance...
"Return of the Lion"

at the NPC Grand Prix All Natural May 2nd!

The Wonderful note from promoter, Kevin Noble, about my performance..

Thank you Kevin!!

My Posing Routine at the A.B.A. Illinois State Championships April 25th...

**I will be receiving the cd's from May 2nd show tonight so I will get pics of my team up in my members area right away!! They were just incredible!!! Incredible athletes and incredible individuals!!! Love you all!!!

For a Very Special E-Mail I Received From One Of My Clients Along With My Response...
"For a while I was losing a non-material thing, and the pain of its absence was devastating to me. I thought I lost my passion for competing and all the excitement that a show brought. When you performed on Saturday evening, it awakened me.
It moved me like nothing I can compare it to. I don't even know how to explain it, yet I feel you understand.
It wasn't your physique(although it is remarkable), it wasn't the cage(which was superb). It wasn't the fact u were performing at a show u had graced and won years ago, it was simply your passion for the whole sport.
You looked SO happy to be up there, it was great. And your smile is so beautiful and REAL.

It reminded me of the reason I compete, train hard, diet, all that. The answer is and always was so simple. Because I love it. That's why.
I wanted to do Junior Nationals so bad about a year and a half ago. Somehow I lost track or I forgot, or I do not know exactly what happened. I remember thinking St. Charles was mine. Who could beat me, I thought. I really thought that.

When I started to reflect on it, I realized I did not train as hard and not with half as much passion that I did when I was going for the overall at Kevin Nobles show back in 2007.
I thought that since I won, I did not have to work as hard. But the truth of the matter is I should have worked so much harder.

I got lazy with my own dream, my own goal. I know this is quite a long email, but I just know u will understand, and I really wanted to share this with someone who would do more with it then just read it, and since u contributed to the positive part of it, I think u are just the one to share with.

This is my plan- to compete at Junior Nationals in the bikini division, though I will not stop training with weights. I will train like I always loved to, and I will come in looking my best. I will be the look that they should want. And if not, that's ok, cause it is what I wanted to look like.
And that brings me happiness.
I will do the cardio, I will do the yoga. I will look great. If I don't win, that's just because a judge said so. And what I feel is more important to me then what a judge writes on a piece of paper is to qualify for Jr Nationals.
I will compete at the Illinois, which is just around the corner, May 16.
I am not required to make top 2, or even top 5. I simply need to compete at a local NPC show!:)
I hope u will still help me with my suit. I did get that one I showed u, and I have it-- "

My Response....
As tears fall down my face I write to you from my heart!
My dream in life from very,very young was to perform and inspire others!!! Your e-mail exemplifies to me that my life and business "Mission" is...to treat the "whole" person..mind, body and soul is alive!!!
You words show me that you didn't just "get" the physical "training" or coaching I gave...
you also "got" the deeper message!!
The message that you must find out what your gifts are in life and use them any way you can!! To deny your gifts is like denying God's existence in my eyes:)
When you have found your gifts it is not enough to know you have them...
knowledge is power but it also brings responsibility...
The responsibility to take your passion and expose it to the world...to pour that passion on the world and change other people's lives because of it..even in small ways, we each have the power within ourselves to be exactly what the world needs!

You have always been more than you have been able to see with your own eyes...that is why it is important to allow other people to reflect their eyes back to you...so you see what they see...
You have so many gifts and the world is a vast and magnificent place...

Be everything you want to be and that does not always mean you will make everyone happy...
to be magnificent you must risk failure...
you must fall sometimes...
you must struggle...
you must climb mountains that break you to your core and make you question all you are...
but these are the moments that define us...
these are the moments that make us...
Magnificent...in God's eyes and in the souls open enough to see!"

I would love to continue being a part in helping you fulfill your dreams and sharing your passion with the world!

Always, your coach,
Natural Pro Bodybuilder...Jennifer Abrams!

n Saturday, April 25th in Bolingbrook, IL I competed in The A.B.A. All Natural Illinois put on by John Hansen. I won the overall and can now officially say I hold the title of natural pro bodybuilder in that federation! Here is a picture right after I won the title!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Listen To My Interview with John Hansen:

Guest Posing in Rockford Saturday!
You don't want to miss this performance!!

Team Abrams will be competing too!!