Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Team Abrams- November 14, 2009
NPC Natural Mid-States Muscle Classic XXII
Rockford, IL

After many months for these 3 clients, they finally finished what they started! Although I still feel that the journey is far more valuable than the destination...their destination did give them each great satisfaction...for all 3 had reached their personal goals!

Nicole, looking so confident and proud,(female bodybuilder in the hvy. wt. class) lost over 40 lbs. during this process and found a renewed sence of self after going through some very difficult challenges over the past 5 years. Nicole is a single mother of two young girls!
John lost 50 lbs. on his road to this competition. His journey brings him to a place he would like to maintain as a life long lifestyle. I have never worked with a client who remains so motivated and positive every single step of the way! John and his wife have two sons.

Danae looked stunning again and was very proud to have placed in her first two shows! She plans to compete again as this was such a wonderful experience! Danae is the mother of 4!! Three year old twins!! Busy lady!
All three took home trophies for their kids to marvel at and as a reminder to them what they learned along the way!!
Team Abrams earned enough point to take home the team trophy, which was fun for all three of these individuals. Another beautiful team trophy to add to the Steps To Success gym!
So proud of each of you!
A photo with Mr. Natural Olympia and ABA promotor; John Hansen after the first half of the evening show.

** I have also written and posted a photo of my favorite up and coming bodybuilder from Saturday's show in my members journal! This young man is someone to keep on eye on in the future!!!