Friday, April 02, 2010

April 3rd-Mid-Illinois Classic- Ottawa, IL

I hope to see many of you tomorrow for Jeff and Ann Johnson's show! Fabulous show and wonderful promotors! One of my personal favorite's:) as it is the very first bodybuilding competition I ever entered. I am also in the Hall of fame as the 2005 overall winner. Then in 2008 I prepared my client/ friend Karen Hansen for their show and she won the overall. You can check out the hall of fame pics and hundreds of other outstanding competitors on their website!

My client Megan will be competing in the light wt. class! I will be there to cheer her on of course and help promote the natural NPC show I will be guest posing at May 29th in Iowa! Just got the posters in the mail today from promotor Keith Watts...LOVE um! Great job Keith!

In other news; We have been under construction this week at "Abrams Gym "...
Yes, as all of my clients know we have been up and running since August but now our entry and bathroom will be complete to make things look as they should! A new page will soon be added to my site so you can all see the gym here in Fox River Grove! The equipment list includes; Standard squat rack, bench press, leg ext., hamstring curl machine, Olympic bars, seated row, lat. pull down machine, preacher bench, plates of all wt. and dumbells from 5 lbs.- 70 lbs.

Coach Jen;)