Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Blessed Easter Sunday To All!!

A Biblical quote for today...
"I am the resurrection and the life: He who believes in me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in me,
shall never die."

-John 11:25-2

My family also celebrates today...the 70th Wedding Anniversary of my grandparents! Today they will be renewing their vows at Easter Mass! Grandma is 89 and Grandpa is 90!
I will tell you that I have never met a more precious couple in my life...they have raised 5 children together ( my mom being their 3rd gift :)) and have brought love and laughter to more lives than you can ever imagine. They now have more grandchildren and greatgranchildren than I can count!
My grandmother was the "sunshine" lady for her senior group when they would travel and enjoy time with their friends. She would be responsible for cheering everyone up who was down...I honestly don't know a better nick-name for her...she will always be the "sunshine lady" to me!! Grandpa has always been the quiet one, the one who has always had my grandmother's hand...even now at 90..he still reaches for her hand to help her as best he can...something I think you would have to see for yourself, to truly understand...

My grandparents learned to waterski when they were 40 years young, when they bought their boat!! That wooden boat still runs 50 years later, in Wisconsin with their two other daughters and many grand and great grandchildren! The "FUNMOBILE" still brings laughter and joy to all who set foot on it. Last summer when I skied behind that boat I remembered my grandmother behind it at 71 years old still waterskiing! My grandfather driving and her giving the thums up or down to speed up or slow down....LOL...he couldn't hear her yelling at him of course with the soundf of the motor and the fact that his hearing aid was turned down;) so she would "Wooooo" from behind the boat with that unbelievable smile on her face! My cousin Laura and I laugh and still agree that our "wild side" most definitely comes from Veronica!!:))

Congradulations to two people who exemplify what it means to love...for better or worse!
We will enjoy sharing this beautiful day with you!!!