Friday, February 25, 2011

Alyssa as "Abu" in the school play "Aladdin"...
Fantastic job sweetie!! You were so much fun to watch! Hats off to the entire cast,
all your hard work paid off!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Possible Women's Physique Division Added To NPC/IFBB...
There should be an official announcement coming soon...looks like another division may be coming to the NPC and IFBB as soon as this summer. A place between women's bodybuilding and figure but nothing official has been announced as of yet.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Upcoming Shows for
"Team Abrams"... and 10 days until my birthday:))
I have clients preparing for several shows this coming spring season as well as several clients competing this summer. Below you will find a list of spring events;
April 2nd- Ottawa, IL

April 16th- Davenport, Iowa

May 7th- Rockford, IL

As for me, I have been busy preparing my clients as well as working with my clients who do not compete, reach their goals. Our kids are busy, busy with school, activities and sports...we have a very lively, active home for sure:) Valentine's Day parties for the boys went great:) I also volunteer at their schools as a room mom so I help with all the planning and get to enjoy the fun on the days of the parties with the kids. This is something I have done with all of our children every year and it is one of those wonderful advantages to working part time to be more involved with your children's lives:) Beautiful roses and chocolate covered strawberries from my husband were a special treat for me on Valentine's Day also:)
As many of you have noticed I stopped updating my members area where I sill have over 15,000 photos from my bodybuilding career as well as hundreds of photos from my clients' events. I would like to transition my site a bit to focus more on my training and coaching business, Steps To Success, while focusing less on myself.
I made the decision in May to retire from bodybuilding to focus my energy on my family and my business. My focus now is passing on the opportunities I have been given to those I work with to watch their success unfold. I think it is important to know when your best has been reached and to move onto other things with your name and accomplishments in tact. I feel I reached my best and would not like to continue on unless I could be better than I have been. I am satisfied with what I brought to the sport of bodybuilding and I am extremely proud that I did so with my morals and values of remaining 100% natural throughout my lifetime! That will remain the aspect of my career I am most proud of! There are also other priorities I have in my life that I would like to focus my energy on.
I have been very fortunate to have family and friends to support my career! When my children were younger it was easier to full fill all their needs along with the great demands of competing. Since my children are getting older, 12, 7 and 3 1/2, their needs have become greater and my role as their mother has become a greater task. They are involved in more activities, they need more assistance and support with a vast array of things. Life is about continually re-evaluating your life to make sure you are placing your efforts where your priorities was time to make the shift and I can honestly say I am content with my decision.
The last time I guest posed was in the small town of Debuque, Iowa just 1 week after my brother's horrific accident. Although my brother is now doing extremely well and is back to work at his previous employer I have been changed by what my family went through...
With that said I will now put the passion I put into my bodybuilding career into the goals and dreams of my family and my clients.
I THANK each of you for supporting my career in this sport and I hope you will all continue to follow the future of my training and coaching business! I have one client who will be competing at the NPC Team Universe this July for the first time. In addition I have a client who earned her pro card at the ABA Natural last August who will compete in her first pro event in September!
In 10 days I will celebrate another birthday:) with those I love and cherish! There is a lot to come in this next year...
With pride and passion,
Coach Jen:)