Thursday, April 14, 2011

ABA Natural Illinois- Sat. April 9th 2011 Adam and Wendy Hutton were SPECTACULAR!

Adam's 2nd show and he placed 3rd in the men's novice class and 4th in the men's open. The novice class had 12 competitors and the judging was so close they had to be up there for at least 20 was crazy! The top placings were extreemly close! Incredible job Adam!

This was Wendy's very 1st show and she placed 2nd in the Figure A class! Again, her physique and posing were dynamite and it could have gone the other way at a different show. Amazing job Wendy! A huge thank you goes out to fellow Team Abrams competitors Phil Puzzo, Jean Andrews, Diane Mueller and Jenny Harris for coming to cheer your fellow teammates on, especially with it being such a late event!! They were so appreciative to have a cheering section on friends, family and fellow competitors!

The next stop for Adam and Wendy is the Rockford Grand Prix Natural promoted by the one and only Kevin Noble!!