Tuesday, June 28, 2011

May/ June 2011...
Since my last post here we have had so many wonderful adventures in our family! As the school year came to an end our daughter qualified for state in the track and field events of the 100m. dash and the 4x100 relay with her team. Well it gets even better...in the pouring rain at the state championships in Peoria, IL Alyssa and her relay team took 1st place and became state champions in the 4x100 relay!! Very exciting indeed!! (photos below)
Next our son Wade earned his purple belt in martial arts with under the direction of his sensei Master Sensei Christian Jensen who Wade has been working with since he was 3 1/2. Wade will also be starting tackle football this year after playing flag the past 2 years! (photo below)
Our Logie-bear finished his 1st year of preschool and has now started at his new preschool!! Last week he took the school bus for the very 1st time as he is taking part in a 4 week summer school program before he starts next year! He loves school and is soo excited to be going to "bubby's" school (his brother's school:)! (photo below)
DATONA BEACH and DISNEY? UNIVERSAL STUDIOS/ ISLAND OF ADVENTURE and more!!!! We took the kids on their big vacation to Datona Beach and Disney! We put on over 2,900 miles driving there and back:) It was the 1st time the kids had ever seen the ocean...it was VERY special! The view from our room was incredible...open the curtains and there was our pool and the ocean...a breath of fresh air!! The entire trip was just stectacular and unforgettable!! (pictures below!)
And just this past Sunday our Logan turned 4 years old!!! He is such a big boy!!!
I am now 14 weeks pregnant and feeling fantastic! I leave in a little over a week for the Team Universe in New Jersey where my client Kara will be competing in the womsn's bbing class.
Life is good!!!:))

Monday, June 27, 2011

Logan getting on the school bus for the very 1st time!!
On his way to his new school for summer school:)