Friday, June 01, 2012

May 19th, 2012- NPC Grand Prix Natural
Outstanding efforts for all of Team Abrams at this competition! These 5 athletes took home 5 trophies between them- outstanding! There is soo much that takes place within these individuals as they prepare for competition. So much more than the physical changes, so much more achieved than a placing or a trophy handed out on stage. The training, the work, the dedication and the sacrifice changes a makes you dig deep within yourself to find out what you're really made of! Meaghan, Ashley, Matt, Kim and Kate I have watched you all grow tremendously and I am extreemly proud of each of you! All of these athletes will be competing again in the future! Matt will be steping things up and plans to compete at the national level after placing 2nd here in Rockford out of 14 other men's physique competitors in his class. I strongly believe he will be holding a pro card in the near future.