Wednesday, June 30, 2004

This is a letter I received from a fan that I really appreciated...

"Ms. Abrams, your homepage says that "in 2005 I plan to take
your breath away." I know you are a very fine and dignified
woman and a happily married wife and mom, so I hope you don't consider this fresh, but you've taken my breath away from the first time I saw your picture and read about you on the internet.
What's most impressive about you is that as corny as it sounds, you seem just as beautiful inside as you obviously are outside. And you have exhibited good taste in your modeling, as your beauty is evident to all, without your ever having gone over the line too provocatively.
I wish you great success whenever you return to competition, and more important continued happiness in your family life.
Good luck to you and yours."

I just thought I would share this one! It was nice to hear:)
Thank you!!!!