Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Good Morning! Just wanted to let you all know the interview/photo shoot I did with FBBWorld has been posted to their site. You will learn a lot about me by reading it:) more photos are to be added to the profile soon. the address is
I had a busy day yesterday!! Two in-home clients while the baby played at daycare with the babies;) and then home to get Alyssa off to gymnastics...then my mom took over at gymnastics and I went to another INSTONE demo from 5:30-9 at the Vernon Hills GNC. Whooo, glad today I have some time to get my workout in and get some things done at home. The deck is BEAUTIFUL...check out the pictures below. There are still benches and flower pots to put in and the black and white over hangs to remove, but you will get an idea. My husband is a "master of trades"! Thank you to his dad for helping with the electrical too:)
I better get going on my mental list of projects for the day but before I go I would like to say a little something about the time I spent with my clients yesterday.
The personal training business is often thought of as a superficial profession and I find more and more each day how UNTRUE that mindset is by the incredible interpersonal relationships I develop with my clients. There is something very unique about being welcomed into someone's home,e, and in essence, someone' s almost an extension of the family. I feel it to be a gift in my life and I am thankful for the entertaining, enriching and interesting relationships I have developed over the years in my field. To all my clients...Thank you!! You continue to enrich my life:)