Sunday, September 12, 2004

Weekend Update!
Well we worked our butts off this weekend getting a lot of work done in the yard for the kids' birthday party next weekend. This morning I had clients and then I went to the gym with the kids and took them swimming afterwards...we needed a break from Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow I will be back to checking more off of my party prep. list:)
Thanks to Nicole I was able to get a bunch of my training photographed in the gym. More of my training shots are posted in my members journal and a bunch more will appear as a member's update soon.
The pictures above and below were taken in the gym today and a few from the pool.
I also did an update on Nicole's contest prep. progress! She is now 9 weeks out from her first competition and looking great!! All her photos are in my Steps To Success section of my members area. You would never believe she just started training about 2 years ago. One incredible mom that's for sure...she has two girls ages 4 and 1. All her hard work is paying off!
I need some sleep for my busy day tomorrow...
Hope you all had a great weekend filled with laughter and life!