Wednesday, November 17, 2004

An Inspiration To Us All...
Barb Guerra - 2004 John Sherman Classic Tall Fitness ChampionFrom Mesa, AZ,

Barb Guerra traveled with her friend Melissa Lehrer to compete at the John Sherman Classic, but she was by no means an outsider.
Having had an electrical accident while living in Pasadena, Texas when she was 2-years-old, Barb lost both of her arms. Guerra however, does not consider herself handicapped, and when the National NPC called down to let the Texas NPC know about Guerra entering the contest, Texas chairman Michael Johnston said "bring it on" embracing her entry into the show.
Melissa Lehrer was almost an in-law of Guerra's when she met her eight years ago when she was engaged to Guerra's ex-husband's brother. Since then, the two have formed a very strong friendship and Lehrer serves as Guerra's 'arms'.
Guerra initially was inspired by seeing girls in the magazines but was most driven by the comments of a naysayer who told her that "you will never win, so why even do it."
She also watched some handicapped shows, but wanted to compete in an open contest. Barb loves being on stage and is working on new gymnastics tricks for next year. Her choreographer Lashona is a Soul Train dancer, so expect some wicked moves.
Guerra is also the mother of two boys, one 8- and one 4-years-old. So while being a mother, working out and practicing her routines, she's also somehow had time to get ready for her upcoming wedding in March."....Article written by