Thursday, June 30, 2005

For Those Visiting My Site For The 1st Time...
I have posted a few more pictures from the Jr. Nationals prejudging and evening finals well as a member preview pic for this week's new my members area.
My members area will also have photos posted from one of my photoshoots.
Have A Safe & Happy 4th Of July Everyone!

Member's Preview Pic For the Week...




being called out 4th at the Jr. Nationals...this was the moment I knew I had surpassed my goal of placing at least 5th! This is my favorite picture from the show..I know what this moment felt like!!!






About to leave for the Jr. Nationals prejudging...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Home From Vacation...
Photos posted to my members journal:)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Quote For Today...
"Year by year the complexities of this spinning world grow more bewildering and so each year we need all the more to seek peace and comfort in the joyful simplicities."
— Woman's Home Companion, December 1935

Water play 1

Water play 2

Water play 3

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Great Pic Of Colette & I...
It was posted to her site in the "My Thoughts" section-
And this is the e-mail she sent me just as I was posting our picture:) It really ment a lot to me!


Wow... what a sweet email. It was a pleasure meeting you too.....your energy, your beauty, your honesty to yourself......that is such a good thing. You looked great and you have a ton of muscle....there is no reason to ruin yourself for this sport. The girls that want it too fast... live life with regrets........and that is no way to live.

I am so proud of you.........your routine was adorable. You keep the dream alive..........enjoy the journey and don't rush it. Somtimes the journey there is better than when you finally get there. Trust me.. when I won the WORLDS......nothing could compare to that.

I put our photo on my website is on my thoughts page..........


Colette and I before the finals at Jr. Nationals...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

7 Years ago today...
A Very Special Night Tonight...
7 years ago tonight, on Father's Day, I married my best friend in the world! Through the ups and downs, very difficicult years and the unbelievably happy years of the 11 total, Michael and I have shared...I have come to realize how much he has blessed my life! With unconditional love, support, opportunity, possibility, security, challenge, reality, excitement, laughter and fun!
Our life together is a that my husband and best friend never once took for granted or gave up on...he believed in me and in us even when I did not.
For that I will forever be greatful...for our life, our family and our love!
We watched our wedding video with the kids today and of course I cried...I think I always will:) There is an innocence between the two of us then, that can not be explained...we are going out alone as soon as my hubby returns from taking a big exam at school- so I have posted some great contest shots by the exceptional
Gene X Hang of and while I wait.
The rest of the photos are posted to my members journal along with other candids:)
Jr. Nationals 2005...

The Top 5 Heavy Weights at the 2005 NPC Jr. Nationals!!!

The evening finals...

Being introduced during the evening show.

"Girls Just Want To Have Fun"- performing at the finals!!!

Having the time of my life!

Symetry round - during prejudging

Top 4 Heavy Weights- this was the moment I knew I was in 4th..can you tell I am glowing with pride:)

Top 4 Front Lat Spead during prejudging

Top 4 Lat Spead during prejudging

Monday, June 20, 2005

Touching Words From One Of My Members...
"You are what you are" and this year, you are a champion!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Jennifer Abrams...
4th Place in the Women's Heavy Weight Class!
I made the top 5! I hit EVERY goal I set this year...and exceeded that!
My overall win in Ottawa, IL ,
My overall win, best posing and Team Win at the Rockford Natural,
Making the top 5 at Jr. Nationals!!
Then I place 4th, I am asked to guest pose in November, I have a newspaper article written in the paper- another to go in this Thursday, and I will be the cover page girl for in a month;)
Achomplished? Yes...
Proud? Yes...
Sore? Yes;)...
Greatful? Yes...
Everytime I just doesn't get any better than did!
Dreams come true...If YOU MAKE THEM HAPPEN!

Performing on the Jr. National sweet!

4th place Heavy Weight Winner!!

FTvideo photoshoot

WPW photoshoot

From one of my photoshoots with WPW

The two Rosemont police officers who interrupted one of my photoshoots to ask for a photo with me...LOL..God I never get used to's just crazy fun..a few days to be a celebrity is good for anyone:)

The two little munchkins came on Friday..."yahhh Mommy can finally eat treats with us again!!"

Backstage with 1st place HW winner Bettiny Kadett and 2nd place HW winner Melissa Metzler. Me:) inon the right..I took 4th!!! Placing in the top 5 at a national show! Wow!

Backstage Pic #2

Met Elena Seiple in person this weekend..good luck at the USA's next month! I saw her legs- Wow she has busted her butt!

A photo for my hubby before leaving on day #2 for my photoshoots competition finals.

Colette Nelson and i before the start of the finals. Another natural competitor...Colette is now an FBB pro..she won her pro card last year as well as the World championships in spain! A fellow natural competitor that I respect and admire:)

What an incredible couple! My client Phil and his wife have now attended two of my copmpetitions this season..both of you are so supportive! I appreciate it more than you know:)

Kris Murrell (5th place heavy weight winner) and I downing some chocolate after recieving our trophy's!

My Fireman!!! just back from firefighter training in time to see his wife! His heart beats just as hard as mine before I take that stage..just another way of saying "two hearts beat as one;)

My uncle Phil, in from out of town, stopped by to see me perform;)

My Mom & Dad..ALWAYS there to cheer me on and hug me through it all..I love you!

My incredibly beautiful Mother! From within her beauty has always beamed..She said to me today "Thank you for bringing so much excitement to my life- you know how i love excitement!" Mom, I do;)

A Huge Thank you to MaryJo and Kim for coming to cheer me on!!!

Yummmy...Ice cream!!

We Did It Guys!!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Prejudging Results So Far....
I Made The 4th Place Call Out At Pre-Judging!!!!
I AM PERFORMING MY ROUTINE the finals tomorrow night on the NPC Jr. Nationals Stage!
Wow...WE Did IT! We Really Did IT!! are my angel and I love you!
Thank you for EVERYTHING today!! You are the world to me!!
When I stepped off stage I kneeled down and kissed the ground and thanked God..Everyone was histerically laughing:)) So much fun!!!
I'm Really Taking It All in....
Pictures from today posted in my members journal..I promised they would get first peek:)
There is a preview pic from my 1st photoshoot of the day on
however..check it out...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

My new business cards:)
A Huge Hug For My Mom...
For taking care of Alyssa and Wade all weekend! Competing would be impoessible without your help! Thank you!!
Love: Your Diamond (Out) Of The Rough;)

I love you Mom!
24 Hours Until Weigh-In...
WoW this week flew by! I had so many odds and ends to take care of; my creative projects with my clothing for photo shoots, getting the house in order, laundry and mowing the lawn for my hubby (as an early Father's Day gift:), juggling the kids of couse, applying tan and posing and then one of my photoshoots yesterday. I didn't have anyone to watch the kids so we set up the backdrop in my living room..have to get creative when you're a mom;)
This shoot was for the pictures are going to be great! Just wait!
I am also writing an article for teir site on my comback for 2005 after having our second child.
That's one shoot down and 5 more to go!!! So much fun and excitement...boy am I going to be tired after this weekend! I have a bit of a chest cold and so does Wade so my voice is horse;(
So if any of you are coming to see me no laughing at my funny sounding voice:)
I sound like a frog..LOL!
From my scale at home it looks like I am already 145-146 lbs. so who knows what I'll be by tomorrow...I may make the light-heavy class afterall?? I'm not changing my prep. plan no matter we'll just see what happens.
Another bit of exciting news I have yet to post here in my free journal; I have been asked to guest pose/perform November 12th in Chicago for the Kevin Noble All-Natural that usually takes place in Rockford. Dave Riley (who was a trophy presenter at the May show) will be guest posing as well. Kevin actually e-mailed me well wishes for this weekend and said that Dave would be at the competition this weekend with a group of friends and that they would be cheering for me. Thanks Guys!!!
Hearing the audience go crazy when you step up on stage is an incredible feeling:)
The pictures from the May show are posted to the site and my picture will be posted to the front of the site in just a few weeks. Wow..again...what a year!!!
I have a bunch of things to get done of which is to pack the kids' bags and take them to my parents' house for the weekend. Since my mother-in-law was in the hospital (yahh she is finally home..Big hugs to Paula:), my parents' will be bringing the kids with to the pre-judging tomorrow night. Oh I hope they are good!! So if you see two cutie-pies there, they are ours;)
I'm not sure if my hubby is coming with me tomorow during the day or not..they may not be able to do without him at work..he's the lead-man and there are a lot of new guys out there.
I'm just glad he'll be at the Friday night pre-judging and if I make the finals--cross those fingers:), then he'll be done with school in tme to be there Saturday as well.
I have to thank sooo many of you for your incredible support over the past few weeks! This week alone I have recieved over 50 e-mails from people wishing me good luck! If I had more time I would post some of the wonderful things some of you wrote to me...but I just can't get to
So...I am excited and ready!!!
I will post Friday night after pre-judging...
My members area wil be updated tonight with some photos and how things are going with my water drop.

P.S. I also need to thank all my family, friends and clients, ( new and long-standing) who are taking the time this weekend to come to the show and cheer me on!! I don't think you know how much that means to me!! You are all so thoughtful and I am blessed to have each of you in my life!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Quote For Today...
"When you acknowledge your romantic impulses,
no matter how impractical...
you strengthen the intimate connection with your authentic self.
Connection with those things that fuel your passions,
feed your soul, keep you alive."
— Sarah Ban Breathnach

*Find Your Passion, or an aspect of it & Embrace:)
Sometimes we can't or don't follow the exact path we the road bends and the winds blow...we are turned another direction, our eyes directed elsewhere. Go with the wind of new direction...see the aspects that parallel the original dream...and build a new one..become something you never intended ...but maybe you were more gifted to do.
My 1st path was dance...the road turned, the winds blew..and now here I am following another artistic, athletic endevor that has taken a different shape but still manifests from the same place...from within me!
Really Work,
Take it farther than you ever imagined!

Tuesday Pic- more ab and leg pics in my members journal...