Sunday, July 10, 2005

Such A Crazy Weekend!!
I'm ready to just run far, far away! Just kidding- but this weekend I sure had fantasies as Wade dumped the entire box of Cherrios on the floor- as I tried to get us out of the house for a family picnic - and then stuffed my blush brush down the drain while I cleaned up the Cherrios..not to mention the juice he then spilled on the floor from the cooler!
Ahhh terrible two's...
how do any of us ever make it through this stage??
Faith, Hope and the ability to just let everything be a mess I think??
The last few days..the last week has been really hectic...
My camera died out from over use:( So it will be a while before I can afford a new no new pics for a while. I sure did make good use out of it for the 2 years I had it though:)
Got to run..I need to help out down at the waterfights..
My fireman hubby is part of today...Go Michael!
The fiereworks in our town were amazing as always last night..the BEST we've ever seen..we both agree on that for sure!
That was an interresting event too...Wade had too many treats at the picnic I think, because during the fireworks he made a nasty mess in his diaper and it ended up more down his leg and all over my arm, and pants then in his diaper...
Ahh the badge of motherhood...oh the stories forming to share, when he gets older!