Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another Incredibel Letter-
From A Woman I Met in Atlanta, From Finland...

"Hi there! This is Kaisa, the girl from Finland who came to talk to you in Atlanta by the elevators.
It was so nice to meet you -
I hadn't read your blog in a couple of weeks and I had no idea you were going to come to Atlanta.
It had just been a day before when I traveled to Atlanta with my friend Katie Madden ( and in the airplane I showed her photos that have inspired me the most. One of them was a photo of you and your little boy, Wade. It is such a sweet photo, so full of happiness and love.
I've been reading your journal since the beginning of this year and like I said, I have thought of emailing you a long time.
Somehow I just didn't know what to say - actually at some point I thought what difference does it make to get one more or less emails from fans.
But now that I met you... I know you're true,
you're exactly as caring, genuine and encouraging person who I've met through your blog. I'm amazed.
You know, there's that little something in some people who makes them different? In you it's that glow, pure happiness that anyone near you can sense.
Being Katie's assistant during the competition,
I have to say I admire the way you take bodybuilding.
Katie is a fitness competitor but through the weekend I was able to see the ladies very closely who took top placements in their weight classes.
It's not a healthy sport anymore, and there's not that much femininity left.
I'm sad because of that,
but on the other hand very happy to see someone like you to keep competing and making the audience go crazy over your physique.
I hope you never lose that attitude, way of loving life and appreciating yourself and your beauty the way you do.
I will compete for the first time in figure in April 2006.
The competition is back in Finland. Right now I still live in Arizona where I've been for the last four months. It's been such a wonderful trip and a great learning experience. You Americans keep amazing me.
I've got nothing but good things to say about your friendliness and that
"wanna have fun!" -attitude. :)
Keep updating the blog and tickle your little kids for me, they're sooo cute!!
Best wishes,
Kaisa from Finland