Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I love you Michelle!

Nationals in Atlanta...
(My complete Recap from the weekend in my members journal)...
The women all looked fantastic! The competition was really incredible this year!
All 4 new IFBB Pro's are VERY deserving of pro status!
Of course, there weren't many natural girls there..but I suppose you start to get used to that...
I find myself just filled with pride for the choices I have made and the path I am on...the well roundedness of my life and what I have that so many of the other athletes do not...
a family and children!!
Some of the extreems that are taken for these competitions, in my opinion, just aren't worth it! At the end of the day, when the lights go out, the stage comes down, and your water and body fat return to "healthy" it really doesn't matter the placing..what matters is what you come home to and what you carry within yourself...
Your dignity,
Self respect,
God Given Beauty..whatever that may look like to others..it's still beautiful,
Sence of achomplishment and self worth

I recieved a letter from a fan today that really made me proud of the choices I have made,
of who I am, what I have done and continue to do...
Have A Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

"Hi Jennifer,
Well you certainly hit the nail on the head with that Wonder Woman outfit.
It's not a "costume" if it's true, so it's an outfit in my opinion.
You are a wonderful representative in my opinion of Female BodyBuilding.
You seem to have great balance with family, sport, training, and a real perspective.
I get sick reading some of the message boards about how catty these women can be.
I mean even some of the top names are complete *** to the other women.
They mask it by being professionally qualified to pick apart another woman
but it's just garbage.
You seem to stand apart amongst an elite group that actually gets it,
and brings every bit of a beautiful sexy package as these diehard 100% lifers,
who are a bit grandiose.
It's refreshing to know you exist and reminds me why I worship the Goddesses
of the sport such as yourself (not in a stalker way at all)!
All the best,
Mark in Miami"