Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm Off To Atlanta:)
Well, by this time tomorrow I will be on a plane to Atlanta with new IFBB pro Debbie Patton!!
am I excited...HECK YAHH!! I am going to do a few off-season shoots, see the show and have an absolute blast! An opportunity to network with other athletes and "talk shop" so to speak.
I have packing to do for myself and the kids, who will be spending the weekend with my parents. My hubby will be very busy with the fire department this weekend..have fun doing what you do best... Leading The Way!!
I don't need to say be safe,
because you're too good for that;)
I haven't even put away everything from last weekend's guest posing event..LOL!
I just LOVE IT and would have it no other way:))
Guest posing for Kevin Noble's event last weekend was probably the most rewarding experience of my bodybuilding career to date.
From the way everyone welcomed me from arrival to departure, Kevin's generosity and gratitude and all the incredible fans I spoke with, signed autographs for and took pictures was such fun!!
My members gallery has about 160 pictures for this week from the event!
I was even asked back next year!!
It was an honor and a pleasure to perform...I would do it again in a heart beat!
I also felt good about bringing my fuller off-season look to the stage (A difference of 15-20 lbs.). I continue to stand by promoting natural bodybuilding in an honest light. It's important to me, inorder to realistically represent the sport and for young up and coming athletes.. showing all aspects of what it takes to do well up on stage come contest time.
Living life to it's fullest, staying balenced and HAPPY means having an off-season to have healthy, female bodyfat levels..for me that means my bootie gets rounder and my legs and face fill out. This is not only healthy but is also necessary for me to train heavy and intense, and built muscle tissue that will make my contest shape look that much better:)
Most means I am a happy wife and MOM!!! Children don't care what you are going through..all they know is how you treat them and love them...I do that best with a bubble butt and a full tummy;) And my husband can get through me 'dieting' because he knows when it's over I go back to being the bright, vibrant, bubbly woman he married.
It's not ALL about the's about making it part of a life!!!
Have a great weekend everyone, I'll be updating my members journal from Atlanta:)