Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Baby News" & "TEAM ABRAMS" Update;
14 weeks out...
Wow..what a day! I left home at 7:40 this morning and didn't get home until 9 pm.
I met with 2 in-home clients and 3 "Team Abrams" clients, and then went out to my parents' house with the kids for dinner to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday;)
Happy Birthday Lucas!!
And..the BIG NEWS.......
My sister is having a baby!!!!!
Congrats Michelle & Lucas...I am so excited for you guys!
My little sister is gonna be a Mommy!!
We have known since before Christmas, and my members have known for a few weeks also...I promised to keep their little surprise quiet until she was well into her first trimester..she is due August 20th!
Hence...why I was so happy the Team U date was changed to July...I don't want to miss holding my brand new niece or nephew on his/her birthday!!!

"Team Abrams"- 14 weeks out;
Photos of everyone will be posted this week in my members area!
I am impressed with ALL of them!!
Jennie, John, Kim & Edith are all competing May 6th in Belvedere, IL...going after their personal bests..and hopefully a Team Win!!!
Jennie will also be competing just 9 weeks from now on April 1st in Ottaw, IL
I am very pleased with how they are doing..very proud of each of them for how hard they are training and each of their possitive attitudes.
In the matter what the end result...the process, the journey, is what will matter...that is what will, in essence, change them in some way and hopefully help each of them appreciate what an amazing gift the human body and spirit is!
Today helped me remember the gifts I have been given and helped me remember how much energy I gain from each client I work with. They each renewed me today!

Filming for my documentary "officially" began today!
What an exciting project this is going to be!
What a ride life is...full of ups, downs, twists and turns...I'd take the rollar coaster over the merry go round any day!
And that, my friends...Is all for tonight:)