Friday, February 10, 2006

A Letter My Mom Wrote...
To the "Lite 93.9 FM radio" this week...explaining why my grandparents deserve the delivery of the "Biggest" floral bouquet ever!
I sure hope they are picked..they are soo deserving of special treatment!!

"I listen to Melissa every morning on my way to work on the "Lite". As soon as I heard about the bouquet the only people that I could think of were my parents. My mom and Dad are 85 and 86 and this April they will be married 66 years. They are the most loving couple that I have ever known. My mom has a bad back (Osteoporosis) and recently (2 weeks ago) she fell while getting out of bed and injured her tailbone. They live in a tri- level home with stairs going up to the main level and stairs going up to the bedrooms. For the past 2 weeks my mom has had to stay upstairs as she is unable to do the stairs. My father shops and prepares meals and takes meals upstairs to her. It is very sweet to see how he cares for her and how she adores him. My mother is very vivacious in her heart and she appreciates anything that anyone does for her. The two of them are such an example of what love is and how people should treat each other as marriage partners.
Everytime I go there I am amazed at how they care for each other after almost 66 years of marriage together. They complete each other. Our family is so lucky to have them. There are 5 children including myself,14 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren and 1 more great grandchild due in August. I would love to see the joy in my mother and fathers' faces if they were to receive the flowers.They both loved to garden together when they were younger and both love flowers. They never expect anything and never ask for help as they are both very independent people. Of course the family helps them and visits them often and it is a joy to do things for them because they never expect it or demand anything."

Written by my Mom..Cindy Reilly:)