Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Contest & Ticket Information:
Just 11 days until the M.I.C in Ottawa, IL! My client Jen Nichols will be competing in 2 bodybuilding classes! Come on out to support her and say 'Hi' to me too:)
I'll be there all day and night for Jen!!
For tickets & info. visit; www.flexgymonline.com
I won the women's overall at this show last year:)

Just 6 weeks and 3 days until the Mid-States Classic All Natural! Kim, John and Jen will all be competing in various classes at this show representing..."TEAM ABRAMS"!
For tickets and info. visit; www.kevinnoble.com
I won the women's open overall, and best posing award last May..AND Karen, Janelle and I were the May 2005 "Team" winners:)
This is also the competition I guest posed at in november..as "Wonderwoman":)
That was very fun! I just may be guest posing again in the future...hint-hint;))

"Words for Today"-
"There was a moment..like a flash of light... it all flooded back-
The memories like waves, crashing before my eyes-
Everything that had been then- leading to now-
My heart beat faster, feeling the loss of my breath-
Then ...the moment had passed....
I was here, I was now...
Filled with the capacity and ability-
To use all that still resides-

To fuel my mission-
So it never leaves me."

Author: Jennifer Abrams