Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th of July!!
Members Journal updated with "God Bless The USA" gallery fun pics:) and
12 Days out Progress Pics...I have already achieved my goal of being my very best this year!..I am carrying more muscle than ever before and have achieved my best level of conditioning to date. My symetry and v-taper make me smile with surprise...It's hard to believe I am looking at pictures of me!

I can honestly say I have achieved what I set out to do...
I truely feel I have a "Pro Quality" physique!
I feel great with just 1o days to go-until we fly to New York!!!
What a ride this journey has been-
The pride I feel for what I have achieved I can not find the words to discribe...
I am taking in every minute...enjoying every step...
What I set out to achomplish has become a reality!