Friday, June 01, 2007

Latest Stats...
Ok is now operation "try and go into labor"!
I am 35 1/2 weeks along (40 weeks is full-term and after 35 weeks the baby is not considered premature).
The circumfrance of my tummy is now 47 1/2 inches!!
My uterus measured 41 cm today and that is 4 1/2 cm. larger than someone at 35 weeks usually is. I actually DELIVERED our 10 lb. son, Wade, when my uterus was 41 cm....
hence my anxiety about needing to get him out of my uterus NOW!
If he gets over 10 lbs they won't let me deliver him and I will have to have a c-section....
sooo we start pressure points and all the little induction "tricks" this weekend.
Dana, my best friend, and her husband Joe are both chiropractors, thank God for both of them:)The pressure points in the hands and feet may have helped me go early last time so they will try that again.
If I sound a little stressed, I am!
My only fear from day one has been having a c-section, for obvious reasons.
My body is very important to what I do professionally and personally!
I am going to just have faith and do everything in my power to bring things on naturally, and hopefully God will answer my prayers to saftely deliver my son without a c-section!
Say a little prayer that I succeed and I will keep you all posted!