Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Message From a New Member of my Site...
"Hi Jen -
not sure whether you saw it but I actually joined your members site two or three days ago.
WOW - amazing!! Not only are the clips and the pics (over 10,000) purely awesome ( I knew this before prior to
joining your page!! :-)) but it is so well maintained and just shows that you take really good care of it!!
It looks great! Obviously,
being a member of "Team Abrams" is truly a privilege -
I bet these athletes are as proud of themselves as they are of their coach!!
And I furthermore bet that having you as a coach and motivator will make everyone work as hard as possible!!
Great to hear you are back to training heavy with competing in mind!!
Maybe a bit of a way to go and sometimes an uphill struggle -
but if anyone is a achiever it is you!!
Keep going with what and how you are doing it!!"