Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Food For Thought...

A sliced carrot looks like the human eye The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye...and YES science now shows that carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes.

A Tomato has four chambers and is red. The heart is red and has four chambers. All of the research shows tomatoes are indeed pure heart and blood food.

A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums. Even the wrinkles or folds are on the nut just like the neo-cortex. We now know that walnuts help develop over 3 dozen neuron-transmitters for brain

Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart. Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows that grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food. Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys.

Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and more look just like bones. These foods specifically target bone strength. Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium. If you don't have enough sodium in your diet the body pulls it from the bones, making them weak. These foods replenish skeletal needs of the body.

Eggplant, Avocados and Pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female - they look just like these organs. Today's research shows that when a woman eats 1 avocado a week, it balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight and prevents cervical canc ers. And how profound is this? .... It takes exactly 9 months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of these foods (modern science has only studied and named about 141 of them).

Figs are full of seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the motility of male sperm and increase the numbers of sperm as well to overcome male sterility.

Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics.Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries Grapefruits, oranges and other citrus fruits look just like the mammary glands of the female and actually assist the health of the breasts and the movement of lymph in and out of the breasts.

Onions look like body cells. Today's research shows that onions help clear waste materials from all of the body cells. They even produce tears which wash the epithelial layers of the eyes.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Daddy/ Daughter Dance- Hawiian Style!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wade is taking Jiu-Jitsu/ Judo now- he LOVES it!

Gangi Martial Arts & Fitness Center III, Inc.

This is also "Steps To Success' " new location for training clients!
I have availability for clients Mon.-Sun. day and evening availability.
Training for; contest prep. weight loss, increased muscle mass, off season training, specialty training, routine choreography, special needs (pregnancy, injury recovery, sports specific, teens, men, women, and senior poulations welcome.
I do still offer in-home training as well if your home is more suitable for your needs.
The new space is'll love it!
Coach Jen;)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Words For Today...
What magic will you bestow upon me today...
the sound of your laughter so vibrant and contagious,
the swiftness of your new found skills, testing my speed daily as I catch you before you fall...sometimes not quick enough...
your babble from behind my seat "ma-ma-ma" as the wind sweeps your voice through the car and into my ears...
the urgency of your cry when you are telling me it's time to eat or change you...
followed by your playful, squirmy kicking and energy as I try pathetically to keep you still...
ahhh playing is more fun than dressing anyway!
The scent of your skin as I carry you through the day, picking you up and down.
Soaked with bath water because you figured out how to turn the shower on during your bath...
The pitter-patter of your knees and feet in the house as you explore one end to the other...leaving a trail behind you...more gifts for mom...
The warmth of your head and shoulders against my chest as you close your eyes and drift off to sleep...listening to your breath in the stillness...
I wrestle with the idea of just staying there on the couch asleep with you in my arms all night...knowing for your sake and mine I must take you to your crib for your goodnight's rest.
Sweet dreams my precious boy...
until tomorrow when you bestow your magic upon my life another precious day!

Jennifer Abrams- a.k.a. "Ma-ma-ma"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A- Team!!!
Our daughter earned all -A's
on her report card!
Way to go Alyssa!!!!

To celebrate, we took her out on
Saturday to do whatever
she wanted!
We are sooo proud of you Alyssa!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

TEAM ABRAMS starts 2008 off with a BANG!
Karen Hansen wins the women's heavy weight class and the women's overall at the Mid-Illinois Classic in Ottawa, IL.
She sure did!!!
I was even able to present her with her 1st place trophy on stage as Logan was being held by Ann Johnson..thanks Ann! He was entertaining the audience up there!

achievement she has worked towards for 8 years! she is still letting it sink in;) All the pictures from the show will be updated to my
"Steps to Success"
section this week.

What a proud mome
nt her win also was for "Coach Jen". Helping others find their inner strength, courage and bravery to accomplish their dreams. I am so very proud of you Karen... you started the 2008 season with a bang for the rest of
Team Abrams.

Now we're both in the M.I.C Hall of Fame!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Updates- Updates- and MORE Updates...
My new webmaster Dan Davis is THE BOMB!! I have never used that term before but there is a first for everything. He has posted over 20 updates to my "Steps To Success" section( my clients competing this spring- along with older updates that were never posted) along with many small changes to my free area and a new update to my post-baby progress- 9 months..posing pics of me again:)
2008 will now be non- stop updates every week thanks to Dan!!