Monday, May 31, 2010

NPC Tri-State NATURAL Muscle Classic
May 29th, 2010 -
Guest Posing as "Catwoman"

-Thank you to promotor Keith Watts for the opportunity to guest pose and for the Amazing theater to perform on!

-Thank you to my Beautiful daughter/ assistant for the show Alyssa, for the wonderful time spent together and for trophy presenting during the show-I LOVE YOU!

-Thank you to my husband, Michael for staying up 'till 2am. to help me finish my costume last week! I love you! Noone knows just how much you have helped me put together my guest posing appearences:)

-Thank you to my client Amanda for getting my music cut so quickly for me!

-Thank you to my clients Rebin and Wyatt for watching our boys so I could be at this event!

- Thank you to my client Diane, for video taping my performance and taking photos for me. Thank you for driving so far to help/ support me!

(My Daughter and "Assistant" for the day
Alyssa...I love u sweetie, I had such a nice time away with u!)