Friday, April 09, 2004

Good Friday...and Easter just around the corner! Wow, wasn't it just Christmas! Happy Easter (or Passover for those who celebrated last week). Special prayers sent out to my friends who are fighting some tough battles right now...You are in my prayers!
The week has been busy as usual and I managed to get all my training in, by the skin of my teeth:) I almost have it timed exactly when the baby is going to melt down in the nursery at the gym. I really am quite entertaining to watch...every time the intercom cuts in I am ripping my earphones out to catch who's being called down stairs. Every time I do it becomes the much can I get done before I get called?? I think it's becoming a game for me. I have to keep it entertaining so I don't get frustrated, it helps me make the most of whatever time I get.. may it be 30 or 90's precious and it's all mine. Then the rest of the day/night belongs to my kids, hubby and clients. When I get "my time" to workout I can handle anything, if not, I can be a bear.
I am looking forward to a fun family weekend! We colored Easter eggs last night and we are taking Alyssa to an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow after gymnastics. She can't wait for the Easter bunny to come! Oh how I love all holidays with our children...there is nothing more rewarding than watching their little faces light up with anticipation and excitement! I read something funny today about being a said, "You know you are a successful mom when you always have a basket full of dirty laundry"...for those of you who know about my relationship with laundry, I must be an extremely successful mom:)!
May you all have a very peaceful weekend. God bless,