Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Hey there everybody! I have a new testimonial on my "Ask The Trainer" page. Check it out!! Sue and Justin are the choreography and posing clients that just recently competed. There are two photos as well. I would like to send a big thank you out to Gerard from Germany! You are an incredibly devoted fan of Female Bodybuilding! Thank you for all your support and donation. Your autographed photos will be on there way to you soon:)
Well I just got back from taking Alyssa to dance and have to get the kids ready to go to the gym. I am stopping by my in-laws after the gym so they can spend some time with the kids.
I had a nice Mother's Day. My mom and I took the kids to Busse Woods and went roller blading, while my husband went to see his mom. Then we all had a barbecue at my parents' house.
I am having some great workouts since I started on this pyramiding super set.. "stepping stone" program, as I call it. I feel strong and it is helping me work at a very high intensity my entire workout (needed for post pregnancy:).
Ta-Ta for now...The sky's the limit, unless of course you have wings!!!! Right on:)