Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I'm back from Las Vegas! I had a really nice time and the weather was fantastic. My favorite highlights where relaxing by the pool and clubbing at "Studio 54". Two nights was plenty though. By Sunday morning I was ready to come home and see my husband and kids. Time away always makes you appreciate what you have:) My husband is the BEST for giving me the weekend away from being "mommy"!
So it's back into the swing of things again...both the kids are feeling under the weather so I've been keeping a low profile the past few days. We just got back from the park a little while ago, it's just incredible by the river! So peaceful and calm...reminds me a little of the beach we used to go to in California when I lived there.
I love it!
I received the most sincere and thoughtful e-mail from a fan today that I would like to post. I'm waiting on his ok and then I will share it with all of you.
As long as the kids are better tomorrow I will get back to the gym for legs and shoulders. I was able to get a run in with a client yesterday and I hiked up to the park today with the baby in the backpack carrier and my daughter in the baby jogger..so I got a sweat going;)
Got to do what ya can when the kids come first!