Monday, August 30, 2004

Good Morning!!!!!!!
Ok, a weekend recap...Friday I had a great bicep and tricep workout and trained one of my in-home clients in the evening. When I arrived home I found my husband and daughter were "vaulting" from the dining room to the family room. My husband and his creative coaching to love it:)
Saturday after an hour jog my husband and I went on a late afternoon cruise on the Spirit of Chicago for a summer staff outing for the hospital based fitness center I personal train for part-time. I posted the pictures of all of us dancing in my members journal.
Sunday after training 3 clients we went to get a few supplies for the house and did some yard work until dark. Our neighbors who are retired get a kick out of us doing our yard work at night...but such is life with little ones;) My husband did some more work on the deck. It looks incredible! We are finally going to be able to finish it thanks to one of my in-home clients business.
I am completing the choreography for Nicole Hammel today and will be training legs later this morning. You can read more about Nicole and her progress in my members area.."Steps To Success- Client Progress". She is about 9 weeks out now from her first competition.
Well, got to get moving with everything I have to get done around the house today before I work on Nicole's routine. My son is tearing up Alyssa's room as I type sooo got to run...