Friday, September 03, 2004

I have something very powerful to share with you that I received from my mom:)
It will certainly make you pause over this long weekend for a very personal moment...what is most important is the driving force that propels us all! Be safe and stay healthy and happy:)
I have also posted an adorable picture of my little boy who will be a year in just a few weeks! (One of my driving forces no doubt:)

"Passing fancies quickly fade.
True desires persist, and grow ever stronger with time.
When you devote efforts to satisfying the fleeting, momentary whims,
you soon come up empty.
Even when you succeed at fulfilling every trivial wish,
what you get is not what you truly desire.
Instead, look for the reasons behind the wishes.
Pay attention to those desires that persist, month after month, year after year.
Devote your efforts to the real and lasting desires,
in line with real and lasting values.
Follow the positive purposes that remain when all else has faded away.
For what you truly desire, down deep,
you have every ability and opportunity to fulfill.
So live to make it happen, live to make it real."
-Ralph Marston