Monday, October 18, 2004

Expanding My Business To Include Coaching/ On-line & Phone...
I have decided to expand my personal training business officially to include on-line and phone coaching. The following exerp is from part of an e-mail I sent to one of my clients today that I thought would be helpful to alot of you out there. I have cut out bits and pieces to maintain her privacy.

"Never underestimate the power of your mind and emotions!
I think what you lack in your "training" and in your "life" is balence...
The balence I speak of is in reguards to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. I think you often become so results and goal oriented that it is easy to miss this important and neccesary element to your health and wellbeing. I do personally understand how you can get wrapped up in your goals and results because slowing down and taking time for my own balence has been something I have had to learn as well:)"

" Your homework assignment for yourself is to find something that gives you peace, relaxation and calmness and do it every week. This may be a chair massage, taking a walk to a favorite lake and justing "watching" the world for a half hour. This could be going to the pool and just "sitting" in the whirl pool and having "quiet time". This may be waking up in the morning or in the evening before bed and finding some place in your house that you can sit and quieting visualize yourself in a healthy, strong, beautiful way. Yoga is also a great option."
"You know yourself best and the option that best suits you will come to you.
You need to make time for the inner you, because just taking care of the outer you ...isn't enough. Your body is telling you this every time you loose your momentumn.
Every person has their own way of getting to the finish to speak. Not everyone's path is the same and therefore you can not take a "plan" from a book and apply it to everyone and expect the same results...every human being needs something a little different. You have the answer within you and time will reveal it to you."
"Take a look at what you have scheduled every week..what is the one thing that you can do without that will benefit the rest of your training...that's the thing you can take out and replace with some "You" time. Like I said before, do not underestimate the power of your mind and emotions!"

"I have faith in you and what you are capable just need to take care of ALL of you inorder to tap your potential and capacity!"