Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What A Great Thanksgiving Weekend!
I had a really enjoyable weekend with my family this Thanksgiving, as I always do! Friday was my mom's birthday and we went to the circus..because she's such a big kid:) The kids loved it and my grandparents were so pleased to see the joy in our kids eyes. They have to be the cutest couple I have ever seen. In their mid 80's, after raising 5 children, and still going everywhere together.
Friday I trained legs for the first time since my knee injury, setback, almost 3 months ago! I was sooo sore on Sunday! Saturday I took a kickboxing class in the morning and went to drop of the "Team Abrams" jackets& pants for the girls and I competing in May.
I added my interval cardio into my training last week so this week wouldn't be such a shocker on my body...my contest diet began yesterday! I will still have Sundays as a partial off day for now so there will be some break from all the chicken, fish and egg whites;)
Sunday was our annual tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree! What a BLAST! My whole family went and my husband and our kids. We always have such a great time picking out our trees, watching my husband Michael, Lucas (my sister's husband), and my brother Jack diving in the mudd for eachother's football passes between the trees. I took some great pictures...I will post more of them in the coming week. There are two below for now.
Well, time to get ready to go train my two in-home clients. I will be going to the gym when Alyssa gets home from school...I will miss only working out 3 days a week...I have to get used to 5 now, and 6 starting soon:)
I am ready though...I have the "eye of the tiger" like never before. I finally made the improvements to my upper body that I was always fearful to make. I am finally to a point in my life that no one's opinion matters more than mine. I am done trying to make myself something I am not...so watch out I'm finally free to reach my potential as an athlete:)
I am extremely pleased to be where I am 18 weeks out...163.5 lbs and 16.3% bodyfat! 7 weeks out from the 2002 Jr. Nationals I was 154 and 16% bodyfat...that means after having Wade I have built about 8 lbs. of muscle all in my upper body- which is where I needed it to be more symmetrical. I got down to 8% for Jr. Nationals where I placed 9th in the heavyweight class. I can't wait to see how I look at 6% in the lightheavy weight class!
I know it's the most competitive class but I'm competing against ME so it doesn't matter!!!
Have a great day!
I created my Christmas cards yesterday..I really love them!
My members area was updated with two great galleries yesterday and will be updated on Wednesday to get back on schedule from the holiday!