Monday, April 30, 2007

Our Daughter's Gymnastics Banquet....

Alyssa had her banquet last night to finsih out the competitive season. She will still have her regular practices through the summer, but no competitons until the fall.
Lots of fun for the girls. They each recieved a fun award from their coaches and our Ayssa recieved the "Strong arm Alyssa Award" for her upper body strength:) Big surprise ha;) They had a great time and so did we. Her grandparents came also to see her get her awards and to see the slide show from the year. The girls also did a dance routine to show everyone what they had learned in their dance class they have once a week during practice.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

30 Weeks pregnant- with 7-9 weeks to go!

28 Weeks- a front view of the belly:)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Words For Today....

"Some people see a closed door
And turn away.
Others see a closed door,
Try the knob,
If it doesn't open...
They turn away.
Still others see a closed door,
Try the knob,
If it doesn't open they find a key.
If the key doesn't fit...
They turn away.
A rare few see a closed door,
Try the knob,
If it doesn't open,
They find a key,
If the key doesn't fit...
They make one!!!"

Auther: unknown

Go out and make your life what you want it to be!!
Coach Jen;)

Monday, April 16, 2007

"Team Abrams" Update-
Spring 2007 Clients Competing!

My members area update this week has progress pictures from several of the clients I have been working with this season. The rest will come in my next update!
Here is the line up of individuals I have been guiding...

Laura- (bodybuilder) who will compete for the first time May 12th! I have been helping her with all of her prep and have choreographed her routine for the finals.

Kim- (bodybuilder) who will be competing for the 3rd. time May 12th- I have been helping her with all of her prep. guidence and she did her own routine choreography for the finals.

John R.- He just competed in Ottawa March 31st and now will compete May 12th with the team total of 6. This will be John's 3rd show. I have helped John with all of his prep. and choregraphed his routine for the finals.

Greg- who will be competing for the 1st time May 19th! I have been helping him with all areas of his prep. and have choreographed his routine for the finals.

John P. - will be competing for the 3rd time April 28th in California and the will also compete May 19th with Greg. I did John's routine choreography for the finals and helped him with his posing.
Rhonda-(figure short class) will compete for the 1st time May 12. I have been helping her will all of her prep. and posing.

Alicia- (figure tall class) she also just competed in Ottawa March 31st. She will be competing May12 as well and is the newest addition to my spring client line-up. I am now helping her with her prep. and posing.

Susan- (figure tall class) will also be competing as the Team of 6- May 12th. This will be Susan's 1st show. I have been helping her with her prep. and posing as well.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Quotes For Today...

" A fruit never tasted so sweet
than as the one you walked furthest to pick."

Author Unknown ---
Submitted by Shane Marett --- Texas

" Somewhere, someone is practicing.
And when you meet him on the field, face to face, one on one,
he'll beat you unless that someone who's practicing is you.
So work the left, run the stairs, crank the corners.
Give it everything you've got, every day.
And when you get tired and feel like quitting,
ask yourself, is the other guy tired?
Is he quitting?"

Author Unknown ---
Submitted by Eric H. --- Colorado

" Learn the art of converting failure into success
and challenge into opportunity.
There is no failure for the person who has mastered this art."

Author Unknown ---
Submitted by Narendra Kumar --- India

Monday, April 02, 2007

Mid-Illinois Championships 2007
Saturday's show was sold out with standing tickets sold for every row! Ottawa was packed with bodybuilders and see friends and family compete and to watch the one and only Jay Cutler- Mr. Olympia guest perform!
My client John competed and showed the improvements that he has made over the last year. Way to Go John!! A very fun day/ night and quite a long day for me;)
I took well over 100 photos at the event and 10 minutes of video footage of Jay guest posing!
It will all be in my members area this week!
Here are a few previews...
Next stop is May 12 in Belvedere, IL where I will have 5 clients competing!
Go Team Abrams!

George Pradel wanting to rub the belly, like everyone else..LOL!

John- pictured in the center -
hitting a double bi:)

Your Coach is so proud of you!

Mr. Olympia- JAY CUTLER!
He was awesome!