Saturday, May 05, 2007

1 Week to go for Team Abrams....
The 6 clients I have preparred for the All- Natural May 12th will be meeting with me for the final time, prior to their show, tomorrow!
I have finished all their "Hell Week" instructions and have everything typed and ready to go for all of them. In addition to meeting with the 6 of them I will meet with John P. who competed last weekend in California and placed 5th out of 16 in the novice class!!
Way to go John!!
John will be competing May 19th as will I am meeting with the two of them tomorrow as well.
John, I just do posing and choreography work for. Greg, I have worked with him on all of his prep, routine and posing.
Then I have a new client that I am meeting with...a woman who is planning to compete at the Jr. Nationals this June as a bodybuilder. I will be working on posing and routine choreography for her.
Sooo a busy Sunday for me:)
Today was a non-stop day as well...took the kids for pictures this morning, then to a swim friend of 15 years had a b-day party for her daughter. The kids had a blast!!
Then my brother did some work on my car for me..fixed a few things for me that needed to be done and we had dinner at my parents house.
Home late tonight, so I am packing everything up for tomorrow...I have to be up by 5:30 am. My appointments start early tomorrow and it is a 45 minute drive to our meeting location.
I have to help my daughter finish her autobiography project tomorrow night then Monday I will start the task of getting up to date on progress pics for my clients.
I will post everything up to now so that their contest pics can be updated next week!
Busy contest season and still more to come before the baby arrives:)
32 week prego pics coming this week too...