Friday, February 22, 2008

My Birthday Celebration Begins Tomorrow Night...
and continues until next Sunday!
My Birthday is Tuesday, Feb., 26th but after I meet with a few clients in the early morning tomorrow we have another gymnastics meet for our daughter, and then my whole family is meeting at my parents' house for my birthday dinner;)
It's a family tradition in our family...whoever is having a birthday gets a big dinner, cake and presents and the best of all we all get together for laughs and a good time!
It is a tradition I hope we always continue!!

Then Sunday I have appointments with several clients and will start the packing organization....because...Thursday we leave for the "Arnold". Just two days after my b-day:) Thanks to my long-time client John for sponsoring this trip and being ok with little Logan coming along. It should be a great time! You won't be able to miss me with Logan on my back:) I am looking forward to seeing so many fellow competitors, seeing the competitions and the other events as well. Also having the time away with my husband. We don't get away very often!
My birthday (Tuesday the 26th) I plan to go for my yearly special treat...a massage! Every year on my birthday I go for a is the most amazing way to start out a birthday. I recommend it for everyone! Then my husband takes me and the kids out for a special dinner;)...Baby Logan will be 8 months on my can you believe it! He's so heavy to carry around;) my arm goes numb and I have to switch often..he's a big guy, making sure I don't slack in the 'gun' department I suppose!
Well...more "stuff" to discuss in my members area journal where I go into more personal issues...
Have a great night everyone!
Make a birthday wish for me!
Coach Jen;)