Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Awards & Placings...
here is how everyone placed at the competition on Saturday. For my professional insights and opinions on the show and it's results please see my members journal this week.
"Team Abrams" lived up to it's reputation of being the classiest group in the show- thanks everyone!!

John- 4th place - Men's novice
5th place- Men's heavy weight
7th place- Men's masters

Eric- 4th place - Men's novice middle weight
7th place- Men's open middle weight

Karen- 2nd place - Women's heavy weight

Laura- 2nd place - Women's light weight

Kelly- 3rd place - Women's heavy weight (bodybuilding)
4th place- Women's masters (bodybuilding)
4th place - Tall (figure)
11th place- Masters (figure)

Gina- 11th place - Short figure class

Valerie- 5th place- Medium figure class
7th place- Masters figure class

Marci- 3rd place- Tall figure class