Friday, July 31, 2009

WGN Morning NEWS....
I was on WGN News Tuesday morning with Natural Bodybuilding promotor and Mr. Natural Olympia winner, John Hansen. Myself, along with about 10 other natural competitors/champions were promoting the Natural Illinois competition I am guest posing at on Saturday in Bolingbrook, IL. I did a little manditory posing and demonstrated a 205lb. stiff deadlift on film. Here is the link to view the footage.
Here is also a photo of teen natural champ, Kris Carver and I between comercial breaks:)
Hope to see you all out on Saturday in's gonna be a huge crowd pleaser performance by myself again as guest poser!!! My costume(s) are fabulous! I have been sewing all the details on them for several days now:) I will be speaking at the Champion seminar at 3pm. and guest posing before intermission...the finals begin at 6pm.
For tickets and location info. go to

Then, in celebration of my husband's new career/ position beginning next week!!:) We went downtown for for a fun beach day with the kids! My husband even rented one of those "beach bikes" and all 5 of us rode down the beach...Logie-bear loved it!!

And...a few preview shots from my shoot with Women's Physique World photographer
John Nafpliotis in June at the Jr. ationals in Rosemont. Always a pleasure working with you John:)

Dreams do not appear like magic...they evolve over time...building momentum with constant focus, passion and work!
Keep Dreamin'
Coach Jen:)